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Sell your house yourself

Had you come to the decision to try to sell your house yourself, without expensive real estate agents for you to sell the house?

Then you should try to follow the little guide here with steps there will do it really easy to get the house sold. So let’s get started.

Pricing your house
When you are selling you house, should your identify how much your home is worth. You don’t want to set the price to high, for that will loose interested buyers.
There are many options to price your house. You should first find out what the house prices in your neighborhood are.
Then look about your house and other houses and compare them if you house is bigger and nicer you should have a price there are higher.
You should also take the location in considering, because your location is very important.
If you have a good location your price will get higher than a bad location.


Get a Sale plate
When you are selling yourself, you have to get a sale plate yourself because you have no agent to get it for you.
You can try to make it yourself, but I recommend buying one.


Advertising is the most important thing when you are selling by yourself. You should add you house to all real estate website markets and other house market online. And print paper with your house at a little presentation of the house and put I up I the supermarket, on the schools and on the lamp posts.
You should tell all you friends that you are selling house, so they can tell others about it. You can also put your house in newspapers.


Presentation of the house
When you are going to present your house to some customers are it very important that you clean the entire house so it very nice outside and inside.
It good if you now want you want show them and practiced it a bit before presentation for the buyers.



Now I will hope you will get your home sold by yourself and saved the money from expensive real estate agents Good luck.



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