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How to sell your own home

I want to sell my house, when your have come to that decision, you have to do some things for that your can sell the home.



1. Get a Real estate agent
The first thing you should do when you have decided to sell your house is to get a real estate agent. There are going to sell the house for you, but you should check the real estate market. Before you will select the company you want to sell the house.

2. Find the price
You and your agent should find a fine and realistic price. Never make the price to high then will nobody buy it.

3. Put the house on the internet market
The second thing you should do is to remind the Agent to put the house on their website, and you should add your house in many house selling websites.

4. Sales plate
The third thing you should do is to sure that the SALE plate, are coming fastest as possible outside of your house.


5. Make the house clean, so it looks good
The fourth thing you should do is to clean the entire house up, so it looks nice to the presentation of the house.


6. Interested buyers
If there are any interested buyers so be always kindly and if there is a fail on the house, never don’t said the fail, always tell them all fails there are in the house. Because the people will get the impression that you are talking true.




If you are following these instructions will you probably could sell your house.
I will wish you good luck with the house selling.




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